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Facts to Consider When You Want to Add Sheds to Your Townsville Property

For some, outdoor storage space is just as important as indoor storage space. You may have a large, spacious walk-in closet indoors, but still feel you do not have enough space without a shed outdoors. From storing gardening tools to housing miscellaneous equipment and items, sheds provide us with a valuable place to protect outdoor items from the elements. Keeping the sun, wind, and rain off many of these articles can help them to last longer. Whether you want to erect a shed yourself or you're hoping to hire someone to do it for you, those seeking sheds in Townsville have a rock-solid option.

A family-run business, Townsville Sheds & Garages prides itself on providing every one of our clients with a stellar experience from start to finish. At first glance, it's easy to believe that not much goes into a shed but some sheet metal and fasteners. That's far from the reality, though: we aim to make sure our finished products can deliver proper protection while enduring the elements over time. We accomplish these things as an authorised distributor of Fair Dinkum Sheds and through our use of the highly durable Bluescope Steel. Should you choose to contact our team in Townsville for a shed, what else is important to know?

Ensuring your shed in Townsville stands the tests of time

There are some important considerations to make when placing sheds on your property. They may not be able to go exactly where you want due to underlying sewer piping or other buried hazards that could undermine the shed's foundation. Have you given any thought to where the shed will be in relation to the sun during the way? Placement in direct sunlight could result in the interior becoming very hot; we can provide you with solid advice on how to handle these challenges.

All our Townsville sheds feature heavy duty steel fittings and brackets, making for a very durable structure. It won't be easy to move these sheds without some serious effort. That is the kind of dependable storage protection homeowners can trust. The quality fittings also ensure that rust cannot easily weaken the shed even over an extended period. With good care, you can depend on your FairDinkum sheds for years.

Better building options for your needs

Once you know where you want to place a shed on your Townsville property, the next step is easy: contact our experienced team! We also encourage you to visit the Fair Dinkum Shed Designer, found here; it is also available for download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android. Use this app to visualise your ideal sheds, and we will work to make them a reality. Do not forget to ask about our ShedSafe accreditation and what that means for the quality of the construction in our sheds. We only build the structures our family would want to use ourselves. To learn more, ring us on 07 4723 1212.