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Looking at Solutions for Carports? Townsville Sheds & Garages Can Help Today

A place to store your car away from the elements is more than just a convenience: it can help protect your vehicle over time. Repeated and consistent exposure to the sometimes-harsh conditions we experience in Australia can fade or crack paint, for example. Drying rainwater might leave unsightly residue on the vehicle surface or its glass. There's always the slight risk of some debris becoming airborne on a stormy day and falling onto your car, too. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space on their property for an entirely covered garage. Whether that's the situation you face or you simply need added protection, why not add a carport to your Townsville home?

At Townsville Sheds & Garages, we've been providing top-notch service to the area since 2012. When you want to explore carports and what they could add to your home, we are ready to answer all your questions. Where will you place it on your property? How many vehicles do you have that require shelter? Working through the answers to these issues and more will help us prepare to meet the demands of the job adequately. Let's take a moment to look more closely at how we can determine the best way to add carports to Townsville properties.

Protect your vehicle with a carport in Townsville

Placement is one of the most important aspects of erecting carports. Where do you want yours? You might choose to have a carport extend off your home, or to place it in front of an existing garage. This can give you extra usable all weather space while adding an aesthetic addition to your home. However, we can also create freestanding carports situated away from your home or wherever else on the property you need one. What matters is choosing a place that affords you the convenience and the utility you want.

Size is also important. Consider what you intend to store underneath your Townsville carport. You will want a space wide enough to accommodate all the necessary vehicles. Vertical clearance is also important, especially for vehicles which are larger than normal. Let us know the specifics of how you intend to use one of these structures. We can use our experience to help ascertain the best way forward.

Discover your ideal solution today

When residents in Townsville need carports, our family works hard to deliver a product that will provide you with years of convenience and safety for your vehicle. We take the same tack towards every transaction by asking: how would we want to be treated? We know this is an important decision and one you take care to budget for; we respect that, and in turn provide a high-value and attentive service that ensures we build exactly to specification. We are always open to listening to ideas from our clients, and we welcome insight that enables us to provide you with the perfect product. To begin the quote process, please call on 07 4723 1212.