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Get Your Car out of the Sunlight: Contact Townsville Sheds & Garages for Help with Carport or Garage Installation in Townsville

Australia is known for its hot weather and intense conditions, and Townsville is no exception. During the summertime in Townsville, temperatures routinely climb above 25 degrees Celsius, occasionally topping 30. Such hot temperatures-especially when paired with the bright, beating sunlight-can have an adverse impact on your car if you park it outside for extended periods of time.

At Townsville Sheds & Garages, one of our jobs is to help residents protect their vehicles from the effects of intense summer weather. We offer garage and carport installation in Townsville, often working with customers to create custom garages or carports to match their specific vehicles and lifestyles. We can help you design a custom garage or carport of your own so that you can get your automobile out of the sunshine and protect it from the harmful consequences of excessive sun exposure. (We also offer shed installation in Townsville, if you have non-automotive storage needs.)

What Sun Exposure Can Do to Your Car

For many drivers, the excessive heat of climbing into a car that's been parked in the sun is reason enough to look into garage installation in Townsville. The interior temperatures of a car parked out in the hot sun can reach extreme temperatures very quickly. On a sunny, scorching summer day where the outdoor temperature is roughly 26 degrees Celsius, temperatures inside the car can climb to 37 degrees Celsius in the space of 10 minutes. After a half hour, the temperature inside the car will be closer to 45 degrees. The interior temperature will only get more intense the longer the car is left in the sun, perhaps even topping 60 degrees Celsius.

These temperatures are obviously uncomfortable, but they can also be dangerous. Especially if you are loading kids or pets into a hot car, high internal temperatures pose a safety hazard. You can cool down your car with air conditioning, or by opening the windows, but it's still a clever idea to think about how hot the car is when you are first getting inside.

Extreme sun exposure can also damage your vehicle itself. A car left out in the hot sun may struggle to keep itself cool, which increases the risk of the engine overheating, or of other mechanical failures. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can bleach your car's interior, resulting in a less vibrant look over time (and affecting the vehicle's resale value, to boot). Hot tyres are more likely to blow out on the highway-especially when paired with an equally sun-baked road. The UV rays of the sun will even cause your car's paint and shiny finish to blister, crack, and peel.

Invest in Carport or Garage Installation in Townsville

So how can you protect your car from the dangers of extreme heat and sun damage? Park it in the shade! Investing in garage or carport installation in Townsville won't necessarily save you from a hot car, but it will get your car out of the path of direct sunlight, keeping the temperatures at more reasonable levels and protecting your vehicle from the damage that UV radiation can cause.

Are you interested in carport, garage or shed installation in Townsville? Call Townsville Sheds & Garages today, on 07 4723 1212.